Lunar New Year Cultural Show 2014 Recap

Happy Chinese New Year! (Jan 31st-Feb 14th)

This year is…

Year of the Horse

This past Friday, BC3 hosted their annual Lunar New Year Cultural Show in Levin Ballroom. Admission was free! No need to pay; many of the Chinese students received 红包 (Hong Bao) or red envelopes filled with money for the new year! This gathering was a time for family and friends to gather for an entertaining show and we were not let down!

Preparation for the event was amazing- Tables adorned with Chinese snacks and candies, a runway long enough that wherever you sat you had a pretty nice view, and a giant banner in the front with the traditional Chinese character for horse (ma) shaped into the “4” in 2014. In addition, the room was packed with Brandeisians from all walks of life- even one of the hosts was an American that spoke Chinese.

The night started out with a traditional lion dance, followed by several singing sensations. One of my favorite songs was sung:

It is called “Listen! Who is singing?” in English

Later in the night there was a fashion show, a display of the change in clothing styles through Chinese history. Brandeis featured some talented pianists that played duets and dance performances consisting of an all girl group and hip-hop. Throughout the night, Brandeisians enjoyed the hilarious play acted out by fellow Brandeisians, and the talented skills of guests from a nearby martial arts school. To end the show, lines quickly filled up to enjoy the various Chinese food provided such as duck, dumplings, noodles, etc. My plate has never been so full!

新年快乐!(Xin Nian Kuai Le!)  Happy New Year!

Wishing you health, happiness, and success this year.