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Listen to This: 2011 Music Releases You Should Hear

Everyone loves to listen to their old favorites; the classics our parents played for us, music that reminds us of freshmen year, even that embarrassing Avril Lavigne CD hidden under your bed.  These tunes have been there for us time and again. Every so often however, you need to stop playing that Coldplay circa 2003 and download some new music.  To aid you on your aural journey, I present to you a list of the best new releases from the past few months.
Within and Without by Washed Out
The debut album from chillwave artist Washed Out sounds just as the genre implies. This album is perfect for studying, relaxing after a long day of classes, or for when you crave some me-time.

I’m with You by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers are alternative rock legends, and their newest release proves that they aren’t finished making good music yet.

Neighborhoods by Blink-182
After 8 long years of waiting, Blink-182’s first album since 2003 is finally here. Pick one up and your inner black nail polish wearing seventh grader will thank you.

Welcome Reality by Nero
Welcome dupstep, electro house, and drum and bass.  This debut album by British group Nero may take a few times to get used to but the excitement that comes in the built up and drop is well worth the adjustment time.

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