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How to Prep for a Snow Day – A Step by Step Guide

1. Check the weather and see if there is a high chance of snow: no need to get excited for nothing, but if there is a 100% chance, you’re practically guaranteed a snow day.

2. Ransack the C-store ASAP: stock up on those Easy Macs, frozen Annie’s, chocolate, hot cocoa mix, popcorn, carrot sticks and hummus, clementines, and pizza bagels if there are any left.


3. Shop a tray from Sherman for sledding at the library: trash bags, cardboard boxes, and plastic tote covers work too. Who has the time or money to buy a real sled? 



4. Go to the library/Pretend to study: we both know you’re just checking your Instagram and Twitter.


5. Go back to your dorm and continue procrastinating: watch those movies on your Netflix list.


6. Change into your PJ’s: you may skip the shower this time


7. Drink hot cocoa before the snow starts to fall. 

8. Keep looking out the window for signs of snow. 


9. Locate winter gear/equipment to keep you warm during your snow adventures: take out those bulky gloves and ugly sweatpants. Stay warm while you shovel out your car and scrape off your windows.


10. Have a sleep over and get close to the people in your floor: starting now you’re officially snowed in and stuck with them.


11. Enjoy your brief break: stay up late and tell yourself you will actually do work tomorrow.

Bonus: hope for another snow day and repeat process.



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Hola! I am a first year from Puerto Rico. I'm passionate about writing, feminism, social justice, and health.
Cassie is a sophomore at Brandeis University from Maine, double majoring in environmental studies and history. When Cassie is not combating climate change with Brandeis Climate Justice or attending a zumba class or intramural soccer game, she can be found wandering Sachar woods, taking note on the tree species there or discussing feminism with friends in upper Usdan over a quesadilla and smoothie from Curritos.
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