How To Get Through This Next Month Before Break

Spring Break is exciting but it breeds torture when it’s not happening. With the recent terrible gloomy weather, it is no surprise that many of us are counting down the days we can escape academics and grab some sun (or at least sleep). Read on for suggestions on how to get yourself through this next month.

Plan a weekend away in Boston and surrounding areas.

We are lucky enough to be about 20 minutes away from our nation’s first city. Plan a weekend in Boston or Cambridge to get a quick and easy get away. There are a ton of things to do- you can check, Groupon or Living Social for local events. Plan a day at the MFA- you can enrich your mind and take a step away from Brandeis. Or maybe plan a day of lunch and the movies at  a theater in Boston. Coolidge Corner still shows movies on actual film. If you have a car, or are willing to take a commuter rail and a couple of cabs, you can plan a day in Salem or any other surrounding suburbs.

Go shopping.

A little retail therapy can go a long way, so don’t be afraid to treat yourself. If you are on a budget, take yourself to a thrift shop down on Moody or the Garment District in Cambridge. Give yourself a limit, and if you are really nervous, bring a friend to make sure you stick to your guns. If that is still too much for you, take yourself out to Boston and do some window shopping. The weather is getting warmer, so walking around won’t hurt you too much. Again, think about taking a friend so you can talk about what you would buy.

Make incentives for completed work.

It seems like professors like to throw on all kinds of work a couple weeks before break. Cool yourself off by making a road map and adding little incentives for every completed task. Finished two pages of that paper? Blast some Katy Perry for ten minutes! Finished an econ problem set? Go make dinner and watch an episode of Scandal!

Rearrange your room.

Feng Shui your way out of a rut. Creating a new space can diminish your Brandeis cabin fever and give you something to do instead of crying because you have a whole month left before break. Plus moving things around may help you find the pair of socks you lost in September!

Start a new TV show.

Start a new binge session of any TV show and watch yourself out of your desperation for April break. Try a series from netflix, or dare I say it, find it on Project Free TV (or other related sites). Immerse yourself in a TV character’s life and I promise you will at least feel a tad bit better.

Plan your summer/spring break.

Plan out everything you can’t do now. This may increase your anxiety but it also may create a stronger motivation to make it through this month/the rest of this semester.

Job/Internship Hunt.

What could be more productive than finding yourself some employment? That’s right nothing. So get on linkedin,, monster or any other tool to get your career going. Don’t forget to get your resume approved by Hiatt to get that Brandeis edge!

Alright we tried to help. If you still feel uber anxious for this spring break just read every article on Her Campus until April 15th rolls around.