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How to Beat the Winter Blues

March (my least favorite month of the year) is officially here and wreaking havoc as usual. Walking across campus under the gray skies and between corridors of dirty snow you can hear the grumbles of students who are completely over snow, nearing zero temperatures, midterms, and anything that involves effort. Here are some tips to overcome the worst days of winter.


1. Stay healthy and treat your body like the temple it is

Even though you can’t go outside for a run, go to the gym and try something else for exercise to get those endorphins and happy vibes in your system. Try something new like yoga or Zumba, or just have a mini jam session while running on the treadmill. Take your vitamins and eat from all the food groups. Have a spa night with friends and look up some fun face masks to try.

2. Don’t let the snow discourage you

Even though for many college students, sledding loses its appeal after the first few snowfalls, you can use the winter conditions to your advantage. Breathe in some fresh air when something snowshoeing in Sachar Woods (if you have some extra snowshoes kicking around) or going cross country skiing at parks nearby.


 3. Light therapy

Although there are a lot of gray days in winter, the sunny days make it all worthwhile. There is nothing better and brighter than sunlight bouncing off fresh snow. Find that sunny spot in the library or take a break in Mandel and take in that Vitamin D that us New Englanders are all so deprived of.


4. Indulge

Treat your tired body and stressed brain. Allot yourself at least one indulgence every day, whether it be a chocolate bar from the C-store or an episode of your favorite TV series. In these dreary months you need something to look forward to.


5. Keep busy

Although outside there are sub zero temperatures and snowy sidewalks, there is a whole world from your room and the snacks you’ve stored up for snow days. Don’t let the winter conditions stop you from seeing friends across campus, attending that club meeting, or going into Boston. Bundling up and getting a change of scenery from your room and the library will pay off.


6. Enjoy winter fashion

Find some joy in planning outfits with warm sweaters and plenty of layers. Soon it will be summer and you’ll be missing boot season and sweater weather.

Hopefully spring will be here before we know it!

Cassie is a sophomore at Brandeis University from Maine, double majoring in environmental studies and history. When Cassie is not combating climate change with Brandeis Climate Justice or attending a zumba class or intramural soccer game, she can be found wandering Sachar woods, taking note on the tree species there or discussing feminism with friends in upper Usdan over a quesadilla and smoothie from Curritos.
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