An Honest Opinion of Dating Apps

In today’s dating world for a lot of people the default way to meet new people is in person. There are however, a lot of suggestions for those who want to meet people via the Internet. There is absolutely no problem with meeting people on the web, especially if you want to branch out to other cities or schools. There are websites but there are also apps for those smartphone users out there! These apps are not always used to find a hook up, these are a great way to meet new people in general!


Want to find a nice Jewish boy nearby? Most schools, meaning not Brandeis, Jewish communities are not so large. This is a great way to meet a nice Jewish boy or make some new friends who have similar interests.


I don’t think a lot needs to be said about Tinder. You can’t always find someone who is interested in serious dating on Tinder. This isn’t a reason to not use it or judge people who do. Hookups are a part of college culture now. We can’t really deny that.


OkCupid is a great option for someone who wants to find a serious relationship but can’t find the right person in their community. OkCupid can help you branch out into a different part of the city, a different school and you can specify specifics you are looking for in a partner.  There are a lot of different questions you can answer that help you see how you match up with other singles.


Hinge is similar to Tinder and JSwipe in the sense that you can swipe through pictures. This app gives you mutual friends, schools they go to, details you wouldn’t get on some of the other dating apps out there in the digital world. The location proximity in Hinge tends to be better than other apps will give you.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is an app that gives you one person each day. You either match with them or you don’t. If you match then you can open conversation. If not then you get a new single person the next day.

These apps are just some of the dating ones out there. People can use them to meet up with strangers in a foreign city if they need to meet new friends when abroad, find a hook up or reach a new community of singles to find their significant other. Good luck out there with whatever method of dating you use. The best advice about dating is: always think positively and live in the moment.