Her Campus Reflections

Whether we like it or not, the end of the year is upon us. Classes have ended, the library is packed with students preparing for finals, and we are beginning to pack up our rooms. Admist all these endings, it is hard not to get a little nostalgic and begin reflecting on the experiences this year has brought us all. Here at Her Campus Brandeis, we have been reflecting on our experiences with HC this year, and we thought we'd share some of these reflections with you. 

Heather DeNoble: At the end of last summer, right before I was about to move back to Brandeis to start my sophomore year, I began to think about all the things I would like to get involved in this upcoming year. Immediately, I knew I wanted to write for Her Campus. I had read articles from HC Brandeis before and thought it would be amazing way to meet people and get to write fun articles about a variety of topics. Well, the year has ended and I can definitely say I was right! I’ve loved being able to express myself and the things I am interested in through writing, and there is no better feeling than when someone tells you they liked your article, or they thought it was funny, relatable, heartfelt, or anything of the sort! I’ve also loved working with all of the HC Brandeis staff---they are all super fun, wonderful, awesome people and I’m so happy that I’ve had this experience as a part of my Brandeis career. See you next year, HC Brandeis! 

Brittany Wolfe: Being a part of the Her Campus team has been a riveting and rewarding experience. I began writing February of my second semester, first year. I sent an email to the editor at the time, expressing interest in writing and learning more about HC. I received an email back not even a day later, indicating the next meeting time and my topic interests. I was first published about a week later. I have been writing ever since and planning events for Her Campus. Definitely one of my favorite things to do, I write about topics or issues that are present in most college students’ lives. I love how relevant many of the articles are as well as the nonchalant tone. That’s what makes HC unique. Be sure to tune in to HC next fall!
Dylan Corn: The activities fair at the beginning of every semester is overwhelming. There is something for everyone. I decided to explore beyond my usual interests. I came across a table with a pink banner that said “Her Campus.” I signed up for the email list just like I did for 20 other clubs, but when I actually got all the emails I showed up to Her Campus. I immediately felt welcomed into the space and saw that it was a safe, creative, fun and intellectual space that I wanted to be a part of. It has been a great semester writing weekly and posting content daily on Instagram, I can’t wait for next year!
Melissa Birnhak: I remember when Emily was a writer for Her Campus freshman year, and I remember reading her articles. It seemed like a lot of fun and she made it sound as though it was a great break from academics. The way she explained it, you pretty much could write anything you wanted so as long as it’s creative. That’s what attracted me to Her Campus initially (besides the fact that I knew my lovely best friend Emily was the Campus Correspondent). Once I joined it fall semester of my junior year, it was definitely something I knew I wanted to stick with. I love the way it allows me to be creative. It is always fun taking a break from studying or writing a paper to think about what I want to write about for the week. It is run by two great individuals and I’m very glad I joined. Can’t wait for next year! 
Becca Wiser: Although I joined Her Campus only a semester ago, I can’t imagine my college life without it! It’s been such an incredible addition to my time at Brandeis and has introduced me to new people, opportunities, and interests. (The free stuff is pretty awesome too!) See you next fall, HC! 
Thank you for a great year Her Campus Brandeis!! HCXO