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Her Campus Brandeis’ Declassified Spring Break Survival Guide

With Spring Break right around the corner, you need the perfect getaway bag! Her Campus’ Spring Break Survival Kit is here to help you prep for the perfect vacation, no matter where you are! Her Campus Brandeis has seven necessities for your ideal vacation!

1) Chipotle BOGO Cards: need we say more? No Spring Break would be complete without the obligatory Burrito from Chipotle. Chipotle fixes all problems in life: the most minimal ones or the really big life changing, oh my god, what did I just do moments. Admit it, you’ve all had one of those at some point during a Spring Break or vacation.

2) Love from Her Campus! Her Campus has included so many fun things in their Spring Break package this year! You will certainly be looking fine on the beach with those hot pink shades! The cup cozy will be a lifesaver for whatever delicious, tropical beverage or a hot mug of cocoa you choose to enjoy over your break! Her Campus stickers are the perfect way to represent no matter where you are! You can put them on everything.

3) Luna Bars: Luna Bars are the best snack to grab and go! Every spring break you decide to get back in shape and hit the gym. Magically, most of the time it actually happens. Grab a Luna Bar on your way out and get those extra calories and protein before pumping out a great workout. Keep one or two in your bag while you are out shopping and enjoying your free time!

4) Not Your Mother’s Purifying Shampoo: Spring Break can bring a lot of beach and pool time. This is a wonderful way to spend your time until you see what the chlorine and salt water is doing to your hair! Her Campus has a solution! The purifying shampoo should be your go-to method for making sure your hair is completely clean after a day in the sun and full of fun!

5) Completely Bare: Stray hairs are never a fun thing to deal with when you are on break. Grab this super portable hair removal pack and throw them into your suitcase! This way, when you are in a bind and not near your favorite razor or waxing location, you don’t need to have stray hairs flying around!

6) Ben’s Wipes: We are blessed in the winter in New England to not deal with Mosquitos or any bugs. If you are fortunate enough to be traveling somewhere warm, throw these in your bags! These will be a life saver!

7) A good read: A necessity for any vacation, whether you are at the beach or sitting in your living room with a cup of cocoa. This year Her Campus sent TWO great reads! Dirty Rush and The Intern’s Handbook are super fun reads and are totally relatable!

8) Pepper Spray: Always remember to stay safe when you are on Spring Break! If you think you might be in a dangerous situation, find the nearest law enforcement, your friends you are traveling with or remove yourself. Objects like Pepper Spray are always a option if there is no other way out! Spring Break is fun but not if you get into a dangerous situation! 

Happy Spring Break! Keep your eye out for more on how YOU can be the proud owner of some of these amazing products, courtesy of Her Campus! HCXO and be safe! 

I am a Junior at Brandeis University who is passionate about writing and who loves surfing the web for useful articles and having fun doing what I like. 
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