Hannah Brooks '16

Name: Hannah Brooks

Year: 2016

Hometown: Richboro, Pennsylvania

Major/Minor: Linguistics and Hispanic Studies


Her Campus: What was your favorite part of midyear orientation?

Hannah Brooks: Getting to meet so many new people – OLs and midyears alike. Orientation is one of my favorite times of the year because you get to know so many people, make new friends, and it’s a very happy few weeks.


HC: How many times have you been an OL?

HB: I’ve been an OL now four times – three times in the fall and once for midyears.


HC: How does being a midyear OL compare to being one in the fall?

HB: It’s more tiring, but more intimate. You get to know more midyears and more OLs on a more personal level, but because there are so few OLs, you have more duties to do. You have to set up and clean up all events, be present for every occasion, and it’s a lot of energy. Even still, I wouldn’t have wanted anything else.


HC: Ok, besides orientation, what else are you involved in on campus?

HB: I’m the Executive Director of Kaos Kids, I choreograph and participate in Tap Ensemble and Hooked on Tap, I’m the Communications Liaison for Reunion as well as a Reunion Liaison, I’m a host in Admissions, I studied abroad, and I used to be on the quidditch team where I was the Secretary. I also just got a job working in the Box Office and I also just joined Bhangra! 


HC: What are your plans after Brandeis?

HB: I’m going to be attending Hofstra University for their Master’s in Forensic Linguistics Program. I’ll be there for 2 years and then hopefully I’ll move back to Boston working as a super cool FBI agent.


HC: What will you miss the most when you graduate?

HB: The people. Brandeisians are unlike anyone else and it’s going to be incredibly difficult to not be within 3 minutes of my closest friends.


Quick Facts:

Fun Fact: I have the world record for fastest solved easy Sudoku puzzle

Favorite TV show: Dance Moms

Favorite Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Favorite Dance Move: Any dance move I do with Brendan Weintraub

Best class you’ve taken: LING 190B - Phonetics

Sherman or Usdan:  Upper Usdan back in 2013 when there were Asian Chicken Wraps and Spicy Chicken Sandwiches