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Flannels. We, as college students, know of these magical half-jacket half-sweater marvels. But do we take them for granted? Yes. When I walk across campus, I see maybe 20 people in flannels. This is not enough. Flannels are the key to any college student’s wardrobes, trust me. They can upgrade any grunge outfit from blah to WOW! Don’t let the lumberjacks have all the fun. Here are 5 reasons to wear a flannel this fall season.


  1. I first learned about flannels when I was a little kid. My grandparents had a deep green flannel blanket at their house. I used to love to wrap myself in this blanket of wonder and pretend that the rest of the world was as soft as that flannel blanket. Alas. Only the flannel could bring me such comfort.

  1. Next, I was introduced to flannel PAJAMAS. Let. Me. Tell. You. These puppies changed my life. Picture the flannel blanket, but all over your body, all the time. Yeah. I know.

  1. Now, flannels aren’t just for being cozy. They are also a fashionable statement (a cozy fashionable statement). Beyonce wears flannels. Need I say more than…flawless?

  1. Need to take your ~grunge~ look up a notch? Flannels are the thing for you. They come in so many easy-to-match colors and can be used to accent your figure with a nice tie around your waist, or a casually cool cardigan. Maybe you don’t know what shirt goes with blue jeans like peanut butter goes with jelly? Flannels. Flannels are the thing for you. Perhaps you woke up late and didn’t have time to iron your favorite blouse? Well, get a new favorite you crazy cool lumberjack, because flannels are the thing for you. They don’t even need to be ironed! MAYBE you’re trying to look ~extra~ cool. Guess what? Flannels. Are. The. Thing. For. You. These babies will take you from zesty to edgy in no time. Going on a date? Believe it or not, flannels are the thing for you. Want to know why? Because EVERYONE loves a good flannel. You’ll be married in no time all thanks to that awesome flannel.

  1. Flannels.


Campus Coordinator at Brandeis University 
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