Finals are Finally Finished…Now What?

So you’ve survived finals week(s) against all odds. Between all-nighters, potato chips for breakfast, and a total disregard of hygiene, you gave it your all. Some exams were what you expected, while others might have been more challenging despite your best efforts. After having your nose in a textbook for days straight and too many hours spent in review sessions in Schwartz 112, you may find yourself not knowing what to do with your time or confused as to where the past two weeks went. Here are a few ways that you can keep yourself busy while recuperating post-finals and pre-summer.

1. Spend time outside

You’ve been hibernating in the dungeon/fungeon/SCC library/Manel Atrium/Café on the Commons/just about anywhere with a chair and a nearby outlet for as long as you can remember. A dose of sun might do you some good (but don’t forget the sunscreen!).


2. Do something you love

Got a long-lost hobby? Embrace it! Now only to you have some time to finally relax but you deserve to unwind with a feel-good activity. Try baking, running, painting, or even shopping to treat yourself and as a reminder that there’s a world beyond the classroom.


3. Dinner with the fam

Once you’re finally home, quality time with the family just might be one of the most important things (at least for me it is). For me, there’s no better feeling than sitting around a dinner table filled with all thing home-cooked and with familiar family conversation.


4. Clean and organize your room

While it’s tempting to leave your suitcases in the corner of the basement until August rolls around, now is the time to empty them out and donate what you no longer want. Purging some old clothes or other school supplies can instantly revitalize you and help you to start the summer off fresh.


5. Catch up with friends

You may have totally ignored friends for the few weeks where finals controlled your sleep schedule among most other aspects of your life. Text/call/skpye/write your friends back! Schedule lunch, nails, bowling, a trip to the zoo or just about to catch up!

6. Don’t worry about a thing

Seriously. This is one of the most, if not the most important thing. Summer vacation allows you to do you again. Don’t carry any stresses or negative emotions into this break. Instead, keep calm and summer on.