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We all need feminism in our lives, especially during Halloween, when many of the common costumes for women aren’t that empowering. Try these costumes if you’re ready for change on Halloween and in our society!

Pop Culture Ideas

1. Olivia Pope

2. Leslie Knope 

3. Beyonce

4. Hillary Clinton

Historical Ideas

1.  A suffragette (you should also watch the movie for inspiration!)

Satirical Ideas

1. The patriarchy (Pretty much just dress up like any of the men from Mad Men, add a fake mustache and have a drink in your hand, then you’re set)

2. A cat…against catcalls

or this (with a sign)

3.  An IUD (yay contraceptives!)

Or just be yourself! When people ask you what you are, just say a feminist. After all, you’re flawless! 

Cassie is a sophomore at Brandeis University from Maine, double majoring in environmental studies and history. When Cassie is not combating climate change with Brandeis Climate Justice or attending a zumba class or intramural soccer game, she can be found wandering Sachar woods, taking note on the tree species there or discussing feminism with friends in upper Usdan over a quesadilla and smoothie from Curritos.
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