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Fall Concert: Santigold and Theophilus London

This year’s Fall Concert headliners, Santigold and Theophilus London, are anticipated to put on an exciting and engaging show. So if the topic of conversation is year’s artists, take note that each headliner is not actually a band. Santigold, whose real name is Santi White, is a singer, song writer and producer; and Theophilus London, whose real name actually is Theophilus London is a singer and MC. They both experiment with electronic, new wave and hip-hop, and neither artist can be strictly classified into one genre. These artists have toured with each other before, and each have music that compliments one another.

Santigold, who double-majored in Music and African Studies at Wesleyan University, cites influence from 1980’s pop music and Devo as her “ultimate favorite band”. She is also inspired by Aretha Franklin, James Brown, reggae, jazz and Nigerian music. Her musical style is often compared to M.I.A. for their similar influences and artists they’ve worked with, and the fact that they are both young, multicultural women unconventionally breaking into the pop music scene. However. her career is taking a direction all it’s own. She has had a busy year touring the world, from supporting the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to performing at several large music festivals, and headlining her own tours. Her music flows through hip-hop, reggae fusion, pop, electronic and is not confined to a genre or specific group of people. She’s worked with the Beastie Boys, the Lonely Island and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, among other artists that don’t share the same music style.

Theophilus London II, named after his grandfather, is a self-proclaimed new wave rapper and singer from Brooklyn, New York. He initially gained recognition by posting a playlist of songs he edited, remixed and/or rapped on onto the internet. He clearly enjoys working with the creations of other musicians since his debut EP features collaborations with TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, Tegan and Sara’s Sara Quin, Glasser, and Solange Knowles. And he is inspired by a wide array of artists including Michael Jackson, Prince, Kraftwerk, and The Smiths. He incorporates elements of pop and electro, drawing musical comparisons to SBTRKT. Though it overlaps many genres, his music has been classified by some as “Hipster-Hop”, because of his uncommon approach to hip-hop and R&B music.

Santigold and Theophilus London’s music may not be universally pleasing, but with all the genres they blend together it is probable that you can enjoy at least one aspect of their music. Their most satisfied audience would likely be fans of slightly moody electronic dance music, like the band Little Dragon. Santigold and Theophilus London both have catchy music that’s fun to dance to, and appear to be dynamic performers. I hope their show will be as fun as I’m anticipating. There’s a short playlist attached below of a few songs and one music video by each artist, so you can judge the music and potential for a good concert for yourself. If you decide that the concert is going to be kickass and want to attend, here is all the important information you need to do so…

Official Event Page
Tickets: $10 for students; $15 for general admission are on sale at the Box Office in the SCC

When: September 29th;
Doors @ 7pm
Show @ 8pm

Where: Gosman Sports and Convocation Center

Santigold’s music video for “Disparate Youth:” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIMMZQJ1H6E
Theophilus London’s music video for “Humdrum Town:” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gypiIfMJYro

Fall Concert 2012 Playlist:

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