A Day in the Life of a New Fitbit User

Do you want to increase your daily activity? Are you considering various ways of setting goals and monitoring exercise, diet, sleep, or other daily habits? Think about getting a Fitbit wristband! Here are some of my favorite Fitbit features that I’ve implemented into my everyday life that help me with my personal goals:

9:00 AM: Wake up to your buzzin’ alarm

Waking up in the morning is something I often struggle with. Sometimes I just can’t fathom leaving my bed. With the Fitbit app, you can program as many alarms as you need, to sync to your Fitbit, so you can wake up on time for your busy day. The great thing about the Fitbit alarm system is that it will simply vibrate on your wrist, so you don’t have to worry about waking up a roommate or being spooked in the morning by a really loud alarm.

11:00 AM: Still sleepy? Check your night’s sleep

Wondering why you don’t feel rested even after a full night’s sleep? If you wear your Fitbit to bed, the device will track your sleep mannerisms throughout the night and compile a sleep analysis for you the next morning. I love this feature of the Fitbit app because checking it makes me more aware of my sleeping habits and helps me budget my sleeping time so I can feel awake and alert every morning. 1:50: Get a reminder to stay active

Whether you’ve been sitting in a long class or sitting and or at work, your Fitbit will know when you haven’t moved in a while. Helping you towards your daily step goal, the wristband will remind you with a quick buzz every hour to get up and move around. I really benefit from these reminders as I could easily spend an entire day sitting at a desk or on my bed and keep myself from being active.

5:30 PM: Work(out) towards your weekly exercise goal

The Fitbit app can also help you set aside time to work out. By setting a goal for the number of times you want to work out in a week, the device tracks how many steps you take, your heart rate fluctuations, your calorie burn, and how many miles you walk per day. With this data, the app creates a portfolio of your activity for you. You can also input your exercise into the app and indicate the type of exercise. I love setting time aside to run at the end of my long school days; when I run, my Fitbit tracks my activity and takes note of my exercise for the day.


6:45 PM: Meeting up with friends? Get call and text notifications

Appreciation for this Fitbit feature will vary depending on the person - if you are someone who likes to distance yourself from the interconnectedness of social media, you may want to turn the feature off. However, if you are someone that likes to be alerted immediately when you get a text or call and may not always have your phone easily accessible, then this is a feature you might like. Although you can’t answer messages or calls from the device, I like having my Fitbit connected to my phone for notifications because the excerpt of the text or the caller ID that shows on the small Fitbit screen often helps me decide whether I have to address a situation or a question quickly or if it can wait.

11:00 PM: Check out your daily accomplishments

After a long day of hard work and lots of activity, the best feeling is to come home, snuggle up in bed, and pride yourself on your daily accomplishments. With a simple and concise screen set-up, the Fitbit app is easy to navigate. While checking your achievements for the day, you can adjust your goals, alarms, and other Fitbit features in order to prepare for the next day or week. Fitbit’s ability to congratulate you on your achievements and help you further succeed in your effort to be more active is the feature that makes me feel the most motivated to get up and go the next day with my goals in mind.

So, is it worth it to buy a FitBit?

Yes! It is definitely worth it to buy a Fitbit; However, it is really important to consider your vision and goals for having the device. Before purchasing a Fitbit, I thought about how having the device would impact my life. I really wanted to become more active and incorporate more exercise into my weekly routine. After talking to some other Fitbit users that felt successful in these areas with the help of the device, I finally decided to invest in one. Getting the app and the gadget has truly helped me make strides towards my goals and keeps me motivated every day.

(This is not a Fitbit sponsored article, it is the personal opinion of the author)