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As the winter months drag on here in Massachusetts, it’s important to have the perfect playlist on repeat. Here are ten songs that make me feel warm inside as I look out my frost covered window. 


All The Stars (with SZA) by Kendrick Lamar

From the Black Panther Soundtrack (2018) 


The Black Panther movie came out in February two years ago (which I saw opening weekend). The movie stuck with me, and so did the amazing score and soundtrack. This song played during the end credits, and I couldn’t get it out of my head for the rest of the month. So every time I hear this song, I’m reminded of freezing-cold February–which isn’t a bad thing!


Winter Bird by Aurora

From the album All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend (2014)


I’ve included this song for obvious reasons. Aurora, a Norway native, totally nails all the feelings that come with winter and the cold. Her icy clear voice can cut through anyone’s frozen heart. This year, she lent her vocals to Disney’s Frozen 2 as the voice of the North Wind, a very fitting role, in my opinion. 


Just For Now by Imogen Heap

From the album Speak for Yourself (2005)


I think this one is technically a Christmas song, but you can play it all winter long if you want to. Imogen is such a talented artist–look up the live version of her performing this song and that’ll be extremely clear to you (look up her NPR Tiny Desk concert while you’re at it). She did the music for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play, too!


Winter Of Our Youth by Bastille

From the album Wild World (2016)


Another obvious one, but it really fits in with the winter theme. Bastille’s album Wild World tackles so many important issues, and even though it came out four years ago, it is still very relevant to today. This song deals with the conflicting feelings of nostalgia that adulthood can dredge up. I think this lyric sums it up perfectly: “I know the winter’s getting colder/but why, just ‘cause we’re a little older do/I relive it”


Coldest Winter by Pentatonix

From the album A Pentatonix Christmas (2017)


A creative cover of the Kanye song by the incredible Pentatonix. I know it’s on their Christmas cover album, but this bitter tune is anything but jolly. Perfect for the long winter nights after the holiday season.  


Venus as a Boy by Björk

From the album Debut (1993)


This is the oldest song I’m including, but I don’t care; it’s Björk, the Icelandic queen herself! Björk’s quirky voice and unusual production is fantastic for getting into a wintry mood. 


Fake Happy by Paramore

From the album After Laughter (2017)


We’re not sure if Paramore will be making any more music together, but their last released album is still a bop. This song captures that after-holiday dip in motivation and seasonal depression some of us experience around this time in the year. It’s a great song to dance to while still being totally relatable. Lead singer Hayley Williams does not disappoint with the vocals. Make sure you check out her new music!


It Will Come Back by Hozier

From the self titled album (2014)


This song is classic Hozier: folk-rock with great vocals and full of complex emotions. He sings about someone he knows is bad for him, but that he can’t seem to stay away from. 


Fine Line by Harry Styles

From the album Fine Line (2019)


I had this album on a loop when it came out this past December. The last song on the album, “Fine Line,” is great for putting you in a chill mood. Harry Styles has had an amazing solo career so far, and I can’t wait to see what he brings us next.


Goodnite by GFOTY

From the album Gfotv (2019)


Probably the weirdest album I’ve listened to in a while, Gfotv is definitely an acquired taste. “Goodnite” is the last song and the longest song on the album, and is entirely instrumental. The layered piano is beautifully bittersweet, and a perfect closer for this playlist. 


Click this link to listen to the entire playlist! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6GXtJQJgEwfrmeDRSxbBrb 

Lindsey is from a small town in upstate New York. She's currently a sophomore at Brandeis and is double majoring in english and creative writing with a minor in studio art. You can usually find her reading or watching marvel movies.
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