Celebrities Do Halloween

Do celebrities dress up for Halloween or do they act like normal human beings on the holiday? Fortunately, they are just as spirited as us regular folk and give us just as much material as any given day.  Some celebs get super creative and even dress up as their counterparts. Check out these crazy celebrities and maybe you can get some costume ideas!

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan dressed up as “The Voice” Judges.


-Requires wigs, lots of sequins and a former pro-footballer to dress himself up in tights.

Miranda Lambert channels her inner TLC star and does Honey Boo-Boo.

- Requires super sass and lots of hairspray.

Miley surprises no one and does Nicki Minaj.

-Requires twerking abilities and a big booty.

Milla Jovovich keeps it classy and does Julia Roberts.


-Requires some hooker boots and maybe a pair of scissors.

Nicole Richie does J.Lo and every boyfriend/husband she has ever had.


-Requires a velour pan suit (dig out those Juicy Couture jackets and matching sweats) and a male companion who can’t dance but thinks he can dance.

Jessica Alba and Cash Warner go exotic and do Dora the Explorer and Diego (her cousin)

- Requires some backpacks and lots of maps.

Maybe these celebrities just don’t inspire you or perhaps you’re just digging their ideas.  Celebs know what is hot or they know how to find out what is hot. Some of the best Halloween costumes come from popular culture, contemporary topics, so look around you! Here are some great pop culture costumes for 2013, inspired by celebs all around the world:

  • Orange is the New Black:” all you need are some orange scrubs, navy shoes and a clip-on ID card.
  • Miley Cyrus: there are so many ways you could go with this, but try to stay current. Knot your hair into two little niblets on top of your head, grab yourself a foam finger and the tongue is optional.
  • Creepy Allen from Spring Breakers: all this requires are some knarly braids, a grill and a blue Hawaiian shirt.
  • Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her offspring: find yourself a blue polka dot dress, sapphire ring (real?) and a baby (preferably of doll species).
  • Beyoncé: really all you need is some killer confidence and a small fan to carry around with your to blow air on your fabulous hair.
  • Walter from “Breaking Bad:” this requires you to obtain some glasses, an awesome high school sidekick and recipes (for cookies, duh!)

These are only the very tips of the many icebergs that have floated along the year 2013. Some of the best costumes come from moments in our pop culture history. Think about our favorite celebrity and the most ridiculous stories you have heard about them on the news this year. Maybe you’re thinking about getting a bowl of cereal and dressing up as Rebecca Black as she awaits this Friday. However your costume turns out, remember to be safe, have fun and scare the living daylights out of our friends!