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BUHF: Brandeis University Health and Fitness Club

I grew up eating organic food and was taught to appreciate the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and being active. My parents always stress that “you are what you eat” and that you decide what to put inside of your body. As a result, I have joined the club Brandeis University Health and Fitness Club, which teaches its members how to balance a healthy lifestyle in a manageable and enjoyable way. I am very excited to tell readers about it, to see where the club goes, and to see the kind of response it gets on campus.
Who started the club?
Brandeis Sophomores Brandon Frank, Chrissy Fischer, and Paul Vancea are the founders of BUHF. They understand the benefits of physical fitness, the importance of sleep, stress reduction, and a balanced, nutritious diet and are dedicated to spreading the word about holistic health and wellness on campus.
When I asked Brandeis sophomore Chrissy Fischer about how the club was established, she explained: “the more I talk[ed] to people about the club, the more I realize[ed] that there are so many people on campus who recognized the need for this type of club; it was Brandon who was passionate enough to really push to start the club and Paul Vancea and I were really enthusiastic to get involved when he approached us with the idea.”
What is the club's mission?

This club aims to incorporate healthier food options at various Brandeis events, stress busters, and in the dining halls. Additionally, BUHF plans to help spread information about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a college student. It’s vital that students fit in regular meals and snacks between classes, club meetings and studying, and that they find ways to relieve stress and get a full night’s sleep despite their hectic schedules.
“Our mission is to foster a culture of health on a holistic level at Brandeis as well as to provide and connect students to resources on campus that can help them live out their health and fitness ideals.” –Chrissy Fischer
When does the club meet?
Club meetings are on Thursdays at 8pm in room 314 of the SCC.
Join the listserv to get the announcements for our meetings as well as the initiatives! Also, feel free to contact Chrissy Fischer through email at cfischer@brandeis.edu or Brandon Frank at bf232@brandeis.edu with any questions or for assistance with being added to the listserv.
What are some of the club's goals to make Brandeis a more health-conscious insitution?
“We have a wide variety of goals ranging from providing set workouts to get at the gym with instructions for how to use the equipment, to working with Aramark to ensure that student know exactly what is in the food they are putting in their bodies to reaching out to researchers on campus who are studying sleep to help educate the student body.”—Chrissy Fischer
Want to get involved?
“We would love for you to join and to hear your ideas for fostering a healthy community at Brandeis. Please sign up for our listserv and join us [at] our meeting[s].”—Chrissy Fischer

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