Bridgett Corbin '15

Major: Education Studies

Minor: Business

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Her Campus: What are you involved with on campus?
Bridgett Corbin: For the majority of my time throughout the year I am a research assistant, intern and receptionist at the Women's Studies Research Center. I was the stage manager for Culture X and a model for the SKIN fashion show since freshman year. 

HC: What's your favorite of those activities?
BC: I enjoy doing all of them!

HC: How did you get involved in so many things?

BC: I applied for my job at the research center and got the job the next day. Someone recommended that I volunteer at the culture x shows, and I really love modeling so I decided to audition for the SKIN fashion show. 

HC: How did you end up at Brandeis?
BC: Both of my parents went to Brandeis! Plus, Brandeis is a great school. 

HC: What do you do with your spare time at Brandeis?
BC: I really like attending the plays and shows on campus.

HC: What’s your favorite part about Brandeis?
BC: The new Dunkin' Donuts they just built.


Movie: Freedom Writers
Book: Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria by Beverly Tatum
TV show: Parenthood
Food on campus: anything at Dunkin' Donuts
Favorite class at Brandeis: Fundamentals of Music because it's fun and very easy since I've been playing the violin for 15 years.