Breaking Out of the Brandeis Bubble: Waltham's New MIni-Mall

The cooler the weather gets, the less inclined Deisans become to venture off campus. Suddenly the walk from the village to Sherman seems like a hike and walking to Rabb-- forget about it! Can you say one pickup on the bran van from village to rabb please? Rather then becoming a hermit and having your meals come to you (thanks Baan Thai delivery), break out of the Brandeis bubble and go to them!

There is a new mini mall on Main Street that you must visit that is located close to Walgreens and Domenics and is a little slice of heaven in Waltham-- a major gamechanger let me tell you. In terms of food, the complex boats a Chipotle (isn't that all we need? I could stop here but it gets better), 

a Five Guys (for all those carnivores out there), and a Panera Bread (opening soon and is hiring btw for any of you looking for a job). If those food options haven't sold you yet then I will continue. There is a Supercuts for those moments you decide that you are in desperate need of either a trim or blow dry, an AT&T store (a lifeline for practically everyone not on verizon who is having cell phone issues), a Massage Envy for the times you want to indulge in some relaxation and be pampered, along with a party city, which is the perfect place to pick up your Halloween costume. There's also a pet supply store but that's kind of irrelevant. As tempting as it is to stay on campus and not go out because of the cool temperatures, resist the urge. Put on a scarf, a heavy jacket, and go... Your burrito bowl is waiting for you.