Blame the Internet: Viral Videos

We all get sucked into the cycle of going to watch just one YouTube video and then somehow find ourselves wondering where the past two hours of our life went. A quick study break turns into what homework? and before you know it you’ve watched every Buzzfeed video there is to date. Whether it’s the newest obsession or an old classic, funny videos are a surefire way to kill a little time, and to help you out (or ruin your afternoon- however you want to look at it), we’ve got a few below.


Damn Daniel

Vans are trendy, and so is the Damn Daniel video. Just another one of those “Well, if they can make it onto Ellen, why can’t I???” moments.



Wear Pants No Hands

You’re a college student, which means that you probably can put your pants on at a seemingly efficient rate by now and don’t need to be watching this video. Believe it or not, YouTube actually can teach you useful skills!



Keyboard Cat

From the entirely unbiased opinion of a dog-owner, dogs rank supreme to cats, which is why if you tell your professor that this video is why you neglected your homework, you’re probably better off saying that your dog ate it.