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Best Study Playlists on Spotify

Whenever I see people doing work with headphones on, I’m always curious about what they are listening too. For years I tried to listen to my favorite music as I studied. I realized listening to music with words was way too distracting. I started to explore Spotify for some study playlists, here are some of my favorite.


“Soundtrack For Study” by Filtr Canada

This playlist is made up of instrumentals from movie scores. It plays a range of beats and moods, depending on your study vibe. Some songs are recognisable, like the opening from Harry Potter, some not as much like songs from the movie Brooklyn (a personal favorite study soundtrack I found through this playlist).


“PEACE” by Spotify

This playlist provides a collection of calming music. It is almost 3 hours worth of instrumental and natural songs that will put you in your study zone.


“Intense Studying” by Spotify

This 14 hour playlist provides classical music to help you stay concentrated and focused during the most intense study sessions. It is probably more classical music than anyone needs in one sitting.


“We Like It Here” by Snarky Puppy

This album is the newest addition to my study music. Snarky Puppy is an instrumental fusion band. All of their music is fantastic, but this particular instrumental album is super helpful for focusing when your brain or eyes want to sleep.

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