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Being Single on Valentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brandeis chapter.

So it’s Valentine’s Day, and you’re single. Now what? If you scroll through social media, you’re bombarded by your friends’ sappy posts about how the past year of being with their S/O has been so magical, etc. Honestly, it can get slightly irritating because while you’re single, your friends (and others) are having these awesome, romantic dates with their S/O and you’re stuck here on the couch/bed binging The Office for the 10th time, not getting a single text because *everyone* seems to magically have plans. Well, whether you’re between S/O’s or single by choice, I’m here to help. 

First things first: don’t let your friends’ posts about being with their S/O’s get you down. Remember, no one posts their failures online, only their successes. So, what you see online isn’t necessarily what’s happening IRL. With today’s technology, it’s quite easy to get dressed up and create a filtered, perfect picture. So don’t be fooled by what you see online, it’s 100% not the whole story. Celebrate your friends’ happiness (don’t be *that* person), but remember that you’re a strong, independent individual and what’s posted online isn’t the entire story. Besides, if you’re single, there’s so much less pressure and you can do whatever you want!

Second, just because you don’t have an S/O to celebrate with, doesn’t mean you’re fundamentally un-dateable. Instead of beating yourself up about it, think of Valentine’s Day as a good day to focus on yourself. Try bullet journaling, or go to the gym. You could even plan out the upcoming week or get ahead on the assignments/work you haven’t done yet. It doesn’t matter what you do, just don’t let yourself sulk on the couch/bed binging on Netflix. You don’t necessarily have to be productive, but don’t sit on the couch and do nothing. Use this time to focus and improve on yourself, even if it is irritating to see couples walking around holding hands and being cute. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

Finally, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to *only* celebrate romantic love. It can also celebrate all the wonderful people you have in your life. From friends to family, to the barista at the coffee shop who’s *always* friendly and who gives you that life giving cup of coffee, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with whoever you feel is important to you and has made an impact on your life. In fact, gather up the homies, get your nails/hair done, DIY some lip scrubs (mix honey and sugar together), do a hair/face mask, play videogames, watch a romcom, whatever y’all do to vibe, it doesn’t matter. Just get the homies together and do something fun! It’s always nice to celebrate the people in your life who give you joy.

So, even if it’s your 10th year or your first year being single on Valentine’s Day, just remember that your time will come eventually and when you meet the right person, Valentine’s Day will be so much more awesome. Until then, whether you laugh it up, hang with friends, treat yourself (I love to online shop), or spend time with friends and family, it doesn’t matter. How you choose to spend the day is up to you, but it’s always better to focus on the positives and remember life goes on!