Ashley Piccirillo

Name: Ashley Piccirillo

Year: Junior

Hometown: Granby, CT

Major: HSSP and Psychology

Why did you choose Brandeis?

AP: I went on a recruiting trip for cross country and fell in love with the people here! Everyone was so friendly, warm and super confident in being their unique selves.

HC: What activities are you involved with on campus?

AP: I am a CA, part of track and cross country, a Big Sister for JBBBS, TA evolution and biodiversity and am an english tutor for WATCH.

HC: What has been your best memory at Brandeis so far?

AP: Probably the times I have gone up to New Hampshire to hike on the weekends with my closest friends here!

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

AP: Hopefully doing something that I love while staying active and adventurous! I'll roll with whatever happens.

HC: Do you have any good tips for surviving finals?

AP: Eat chocolate and take deep breaths


Fun Facts and Favorites

Something Most People Dont Know About You: I am actually not from Colorado and am not an Environmental Studies major, however I kind of wish that I was.

Favorite Class at Brandeis: Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychological Anthropology are tied!

Favorite TV Show: Friends

Favorite Midnight Snack: Dark chocolate