The Art of Pulling off Effortlessly Chic

As finals rapidly approach, it feels as though days shorten and hours escape you within the span of a few minutes. You plan your day to the tee- allotting time for the absolute nonnegotiable: library, dining hall, and sleep (on occasion). While all of these indisputably accompany the dreaded two weeks of finals ahead, you mustn’t forget about you. Don’t sacrifice yourself; instead take advantage of some of these basic beauty hacks that keep you feeling great without taking time away from your otherwise inflexible schedule.

1) The Three C’s: Cozy, Comfortable, Cute

When you have absolutely no time to put thought into assembling an outfit head-to-toe, but still want to look presentable and avoid the “just rolled out of bed” look, try one of these combinations.

Topknot, white tank, chambray jeans

The Chambray pants combine the comfort of sweats with the appearance of jeans. They are an exceptional twist on standard skinnies. The lightweight and loose fitting material parallel lounge wear and won’t cling to you during the humid spring months.

Graphic tee, cute leggings, nikes




Think you might be able to fit in a workout after you finish your library shift, but can’t seem to fit in the time to change into gym clothes? This combo combines athletic-worthy and cute all into one easy look, sparing you time and giving you more incentive to hit the gym.

2) Sunscreen



Sunburn is never cute or comfortable, and did I mention that it can have lasting long-term effects. According to the skin cancer foundation, even just one sunburn in adolescence can double one’s chances of developing melanoma later in life. As the sun begins to grace us with its’ presence more frequently approaching the summer months, feel free to bask in it for a short period at a time but don’t forget to take sunburn preventative measures and avoid prolonged exposure. Apply a sunscreen infused moisturizer each morning to your face, but don’t forget your lips. Your lips are just as susceptible to harmful UV rays, although most people overlook this, so look for a sunscreen infused lip balm.

3) Beachy waves (hair)


No need to remind you that we go to school in Massachusetts- not Florida or sunny California where it seems as though there are nearly as many beaches as students. Despite this, you might yearn for free-flowing beachy waves reminiscent of Blake Lively circa…now! Achieve this effortless hairstyle by spritzing sea salt based hair spray like Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray.

4) Bright Nails


Let me tell you something you might not already know… finals can be stressful. Take a moment to distress by painting your nails. Achieve ultimate zen by allowing yourself to focus on the task of perfecting your nails but also create a fashion statement. Brightly colored nails, even alternating colors one each nail is sure to lift anyone’s spirit.

5) Peekaboo lace (bandeau)


Expose your feminine side with a delicate lace bralette. Wear this in place of the standard and ordinary camisole under flowy chiffon tanks and tees.