Andrea's Airport Style

I do my fair share of traveling. Since my flights are usually long, comfort is key when it comes to my airport style. After some trial and error, I have finally developed a fool proof go to outfit that is fashionable and not pj's, slippers, and a robe. If you are traveling this break then you might consider implementing some of these tips (minus the two jackets). 

Here is a breakdown of my airport style: 
1. Scarf: This fleece infinity scarf is one of the best accessory purchases I have ever made. Not only is it extremely soft but it also doubles as a mini pillow and or eye shades when you want to sleep on the plane.
2. Down jacket: This is my go to down jacket for the "warmer" winter days. It is great for travelling because it rolls up into a tiny ball that fits in a small pouch if you want to store it during the flight. However, if your legs get cold and you want a blanket, then the jacket can come in handy-- it's also much more sanitary than using the free blankets the airlines provide. Also, if your scarf isn't a big enough pillow, then you can always use your down jacket for some extra neck support.
3. Jean jacket: I like to layer my jackets so that way I am not cold on the plane. Since I usually use my down jacket as either a pillow or blanket, I make sure that I have my jean jacket to keep me warm but not overheating. Plus, when I land in Boston it's usually freezing so layering the down jacket on top of the jean jacket keeps me nice and cozy on evening arrivals.
4. Simple long sleeve black t-shirt: This long sleeve tee is a nice light weight cotton. It's simple and is black so if you spill anything on it mid flight, then you won't notice the stain. Plus it matches the other black pieces in the outfit-- you can never go wrong with a classic black top.
5. Lululemon Groove pants: You can't go wrong with classic Lululemon yoga pants. They are breathable, comfortable, and don't give you a muffin top, which is key when you are traveling and wish to indulge in some candy and airport food.
6. Nike sneakers: These sneakers are sleek and definitely not your average clunky cross trainer. They are light and easy to slip on and off during security. You can wear some comfortable socks with them to keep your feet warm in flight. Plus, if you have to run to your terminal because you are late for your connection, then you will be ready to sprint!