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Alternatives to Your Tropical Spring Break Fantasies

I assume that if you are headed to Cancun or Panama City this spring break you already have your flights booked and your suitcase, packed full of resort dresses and bikinis, waiting by the door. If for whatever reason this does not describe you here are some alternative spring break plans that could be just as awesome! 

Road Trip 

Gas prices are the lowest they’ve been since 2005, aside from a dip in the recession of 2008. Take advantage!  If you head south you can even camp along the way instead of spending money at hotels every night. Plus, you can be just like Britney in Crossroads.

Rent a House 

Vermont for an end of season ski-trip? Head a little way down the coast for a few extra degrees? If you can find enough people to go this can be a ridiculously cost effective option! You could even go somewhere less winter oriented, like Cape Cod, for better deals. All that really matters is getting a group of fun people together under one roof for a whole week and seeing what happens! 

Crash on Your Friends’ Couches 

No one has the same spring break as us. A lot of the time, that sucks because it means our hometowns feel overrun with adults and high schoolers, no collegiettes to dilute them. On the other hand, it makes April break a great time to travel around the states, finally seeing for ourselves the places and people our best friends from high school  have been talking about all this time. 

Enjoy Boston

When school’s in session it can be hard to remember that one of the most fun cities in the United States is only a 20 minute drive (or a $40 uber ride) away! I took the liberty of looking up some specific events I would want to go to if I were around the week of our spring break, but you can find TONS more if you poke around some search engines. 

  1. Go to one of the final Bruins games of the season! (April 4, Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple Leafs. I hear it’s a blast no matter how bad your seats are.) 
  2. Beer festival (April 4)

  3. Inside the Box: Time Capsule Reveal at MFA (March 11-April 22)

  4. Awesome concerts including Walk the Moon, Matt & Kim, Steve Angello and Sebjak, and The Decemberists  

Go home! 

So going home can be boring, but it can also be completely awesome. Try surprising your family. Their faces when they see it’s you knocking on the door instead of some missionary may just be worth the week of napping in front of the TV (wait, why did this option sound bad again?) Or bring home some of your friends from school. It’s tons of fun seeing your hometown through another persons’ eyes. You start to appreciate it and all its’ quirks as if you were seeing it for the first time too.

Catch up on Some Important Work 

And by that, obviously, I mean your Netflix Que.  No doubt you’ve been really falling behind recently with full season releases like House of Cards and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt all piling on at once. It’s been a stressful semester.

In all seriousness though: we work ridiculously hard when school is in session. I see you, people falling asleep in library chairs. I feel you, people walking in late to class because you had to go stop at Starbucks first. We all deserve to be lazy without feeling guilty about it now and then.  

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