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9 Ways to Boost Your Energy

It is about that time squires and squiresses - art thou piss’d off with ev’rything and ev’ryone? Doth thou need holiday break anon?  Yea, methinks so.  Hither art some tips on how to stay alive/keep everyone else alive until holiday break. (Mine strategy is to speak like a medieval lady!)I’ll come back to the here and now, just for these short 9 steps:


1.     Calm down! Vacation isn’t far away - finish strongly!  Make lists, stay organized, and concentrate on getting your work/studying done in plenty of time to prevent stress.  That way, while staying occupied, the time passes peacefully.  Also, your break will be more enjoyable if you don’t leave your grades a mess.


2.    Change your morning routine Try changing things up for what’s left of the semester.  It’s engaging and causes time to pass even quicker.  Maybe decide that you want to work out every morning from now until the break.  Or, something small like changing breakfast locations might help.  Do you normally eat at Sherman?  Try Usdan’s breakfast.  And bring a friend!



3.    Try a new workoutExercise makes you feel good.  A new exercise makes you feel ever better.  Altering your exercise routine, whether it’s centered on weightlifting or cardio can leave you feeling fresh. There are plenty of classes to try at Gosman, or online! Bodybuilding.com also customizes great workout programs, exclusively for you.


4.    Rearrange your room A change in backdrop might help you live out the rest of the semester.  It’ll be a nice livener!  Your eyes are probably worn-out from looking at the same thing every day.  If you can find a willing friend, do a room swamp for a few weeks!  Even just a few nights!


5.    Pretend to be a tourist I’m sure you’re well aware of Waltham and all of its allure and charm (stone face).  Being somewhat of city dweller as a Brandeis student, there are probably places that you haven’t been or haven’t thought to go to - places for sightseers (because Waltham is the vacationer headquarters of the US).  If a close friend was visiting, and you had 24 hours to show them a great time, where would you take them?  Try doing something touristy every weekend pending the holiday!  Plan the activity on Monday so that you have something to look forward to throughout the week.



6.    Arrange a task/goal A few examples are learning 10 new words in the dictionary and trying to use them twice per day, or giving out 5 compliments each day.  Small tasks like these will engage you and work away at the colorlessness that the last stretch of the semester entails.


7.    Make plans Make a list of things that you want to do when you get home.  People you want to see.  Places you want to go.  Life is so much better when you have something to look forward to.  View the list as a tool to get through the rest of the semester with vitality and excitement, and these weeks will fly!


8.    MAGIC! Appreciate your concluding time on campus before you’re home for the break! (You will miss Brandeis (your own room, your own rules, no parents) sooner than you think).  Student Events managed to reserve Magic! and Samantha J for our fall concert on November 16th.  Go out with a bang!



9.     Do that one big thing We all have something that we’ve been postponing or keeping at a distance.  Something that we all must stretch out of our comfort zone to do.  Now is the time!  Do that one big thing!


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