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8 Thoughts We All Have While Shopping at the C-Store

Sure, Brandeis has a lot of great academic resources. But, we also have one of the greatest resources designed to help you beat hunger and satisfy those study-snack cravings…the C-store! Yes the C-store (or Hoot Market…but seriously don’t call it that) is, in my opinion, one of Brandeis’s greatest creations.  Every time I go to the C-store, I always come out with something I wasn’t expecting to buy/didn’t need, and I seem to always undergo the same thought process. See if your thinking is like mine when you visit the C-store….

Man, the music in the C-store is always on point. 

Oooh, ice cream. Ben and Jerrys?! I need this. 

Wait…mini donuts! So many Entenmann’s products to choose from! 

Ok. Focus. What did I come in here for? 

Wow…so many varieties of cereal! 

While I’m here I might as well stock up on some snacks. Got to get those chocolate covered pretzels, and maybe some bark too—chocolate is good studying fuel. 

Time to check out. Look at that display of Luna Bars. Do I like Luna Bars? Maybe Kind Bars? SO MANY OPTIONS!

Finally checked out and leaving. Good job self, another successful C-store run. 

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