6 Foods to Buy in Bulk this Semester

Fine-tuning an academic/extracurricular/social routine is great and all, but rare to achieve with fluctuating schedules, unpredictable Boston weather, and explicable tiredness. Most days, I come home from classes, if not work or the gym too tired/lazy/most often both, to find the prospect of proper meal preparation painful. Here’s some of what I keep in my pantry for sustenance and for when I can only make it to the grocery store once every few weeks:

1. Spaghetti

Butter, marinara, or cheese- you can (with little prep) have a different take on plain pasta every night

2. Rice

Throw in some frozen veggies (or fresh ones?) and you’re got a dinner that puts leftovers to shame

3. Cereal

Cereal. All different types. Quick and easy, this with some yogurt in the morning can be a staple for students (especially those residing in grad who can’t help but snooze the alarm most days)

4. Frozen fruits

Only recently have I experienced the convenience of frozen fruit. Don’t get me wrong, I love farmer’s markets in the summer and when I can conveniently access them. During the year however, frozen fruits are realistic for time and budget. A quick smoothie in the AM or post-workout can do wonders

5. Canned…anything

Tuna, chicken, salmon- revolutionary.

6. Tea Bags

Two words- stress relief