5 Products to Get You Through the Rest of Winter

The start of second semester: it’s cold, you’re already exhausted, and everything feels so… blah. Perfect time to give yourself a little treat. Maybe your skin craves a little TLC, or maybe you are in desperate need of a good cup of coffee. Maybe you just need to brighten things up. Whatever the case, check out these products to get you through the rest of winter.  

A Hard-Working Moisturizer

Maybe outside of your window looks like Antarctica, but with coconut body butter, you can pretend you’re at a spa in the tropics.

A Mug to Warm Your Heart

Because nothing warms your soul better than hot coffee in a heart-shaped mug.

… One For Travel, Too

For those cold days when staying in bed isn’t an option.  Click here to start shopping. 

The Coziest Socks

Where fashion meets function: an intersection otherwise known as a pair of stylish socks. Not only will you save your toes from freezing off, but you’ll have something cute peaking out of those clunky winter boots.

A Pop of [Lip] Color

When everything else is feeling gray, a bold lipstick is all you need to make life a little more colorful. Try classic red or a rich berry shade.