5 Awesome Startups in the Boston Area

Home of groundbreaking giants Facebook, Reddit, and Dropbox, Massachusetts continues to be the heart of innovation and foster a strong startup ecosystem. Beantown Innovation, a blog created by a Brandeis alum, focuses on interesting and disruptive startups in Boston and the Greater Boston area. Here are some of the startups that made it to the list:

1. Soofa

Has your electronic device ever run out of battery and you had no access to a power outlet? A clever solution to this relatable problem is Soofa's solar-powered benches that allow you to charge your phone, laptop, etc. Commencing in the MIT Media Lab, Soofa has expanded to 18 states and 5 countries.

2. Buttrfly

Buttrfly allows you to know someone's interests before meeting them. With the mobile application, you can check off your interests, choose a category that best describes you, and look at the interests of people that are around you. This way, you can meet likeminded individuals and expand your network.

3.  Energy Harvesters

If you are not near a Soofa bench, charge your mobile electronic device by just taking a walk. Energy Harvesters offers the Walking Charger, which is another environmentally friendly energy product that gives users personal mobile power. Customers can charge their phone batteries off-the-grid and avoid adding to battery disposal problems through a light walk.

4. Terrafugia

Expect to see flying cars in early 2020.  Terrafugia, which was founded by five award-winning MIT engineers, provides a hybrid-electric flying car that has a top speed of 200mph. The company is in its final production stage and is preparing to deliver its first prototype within three years.


If you have driven in Boston, you probably understand the difficulty of finding cheap parking for your car. Known as the Airbnb of parking, SPOT allows you to rent out your parking space(s). The company is solely based in Boston currently but it is planning to expand to other metropolitan cities soon.

Interested in knowing more about the Boston startup scene? Check out https://beantowninnovation.wordpress.com/