4 Reasons Why You Should Go to Walden Pond ASAP

Walden Pond not only epitomizes Thoreau’s literary expertise and Emerson’s divine nature, but more basically Massachusetts’ most notable season. A quick summer getaway from Brandeis, I’ve often come for a dip in the pond and to put my feet in the sand. A chilly November weekend, however, left me with the same desire to visit but with a slightly different itinerary.

Here’s why you MUST check out Walden Pond This Fall season:

  1. The Foliage

It’s exquisitely captivating. Imagine the crunch of fallen leaves beneath your feet juxtaposed against the sight of evolving ones. On the nearly two-mile walking loop which surrounds the pond, you’ll feel like you’ve been propped in a postcard.

  1. Dogs. Period.

With its space for exploration and access to the sand, the loop is a pup’s holiday. For us college kids, cuddles with these guys along the trail is more therapeutic than their owners’ may realize.

  1. Perspective

Midterms, finals, and everything in-between can feel isolating. A Sunday morning walk at Walden couldn't come at a more appropriate time. Going off campus for a few hours to experience New England reminds you that the world does not cease to exist outside of our comfortable campus.

  1. Opportunity to Detox

Bring a camera, but leave your phone at home. Don’t let yourself be distracted from the beauty that being in the moment here offers.