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3 Things to Keep In Mind While Watching ‘The Bachelor’ Finale

There are plenty of reasons to love The Bachelor, especially this season. We had awesomely crazy Ashley S, the most awkward date in history between Carly and Chris Soules, and one too-into-it love guru. It all culminated in Chris Harrison’s shameless plug for The Perfect Letter, the romance novel he legitimately wrote (lol-ing forever/can’t wait to read).

I’ll be watching the finale, airing this Monday at 8/7c, with a glass of wine in my hand and my boyfriend begrudgingly at my side. I may even tear up if there is a proposal. None of that means, however, that I will be forgetting about the serious issues that consistently plague The Bachelor. I hope that, even in the midst of ogling Neil Lane rings and romantic declarations of love, you will remember to do the same!

Lack of Diversity 

I’m sorry, Amber was the only suitable minority woman they could find? And in terms of body type variation the most they could manage was one plus-size model, who got eliminated in the first week? In a show about finding love the connation of this homogeneous bunch is that only beautiful, skinny, white ladies deserve a fairytale romance. This happens every season and I don’t understand why people don’t get angrier about it! 

Representation of Women 

I mean, ^^^ what else can I really say. Not to mention statements Whitney made about needing a husband and child to “complete her,” and a season long debate over whether being a virgin was desirable or a deal breaker (it should be neutral if you’re looking for your soulmate!).  

Life Ruining for Our Viewing Pleasure 

 Yeah, Kelsey seemed condescending and fake on the show. But give the girl a break—her husband died, she got dumped on national television, and the way the show has portrayed her will no doubt affect her career as a guidance counselor and her future relationships. We’ve got to wonder if she really deserves all that just because we didn’t like the way she acted in this one, weird, contrived situation.

In conclusion: drink and be merry (or married if you’re Becca or Whitney) this Monday night, but don’t forget to be indignant for yourself and your fellow women too. We’re all pretty awesome and we deserve to be represented as such!

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