20 Signs You’re Obsessed With Christmas

Who cares about Halloween and Thanksgiving?  You know that Christmas is the best time of year.  

The tree, lights, colors, music, cozy fires, family, friends, gifts, and yummy holiday treats….

…It’s all too much to handle.  Just thinking about it makes you giddy with excitement.   

You eagerly anticipate the holiday all year long.  

You probably start celebrating way too early and definitely get judged by your friends and family.  

Watching your favorite Christmas movies in July? Totally acceptable.  

The day after Thanksgiving is the best because everybody is finally on the same page and you can start celebrating in earnest.  

Christmas Carols are your jam. This is you the second they finally come on the radio:   

You know the words to every song and you sing along without shame, even if your voice sucks.  

You probably have a Christmas themed outfit for your pet…  

…And one for yourself too.  

You know that Christmas parties are the best parties and you're probably the designated Christmas party hostess.  How else are you going to show off your said Christmas outfit? 

Over the years, you’ve perfected your Christmas cookie game.  

Even though you no longer set your cookies out for Santa, you still harbor a soft spot for him.  

In fact, you’ve probably resolved yourself to just be Santa for the season.   

As a result, you take gift giving (and wrapping) very seriously.  

But at the end of the day you know it’s not all about decorations and gifts.  

No, Haley, just no.  You know Christmas is truly a day about love, thankfulness, giving and family. 

When the day finally arrives, you are overjoyed.  

Now, only 365 more days until next Christmas…