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10 Ways You Know You Are a True Deisian

1.     You have had countless awkward encounters at Sherman

2.     You still have an attachment to each building you have lived in

3.     You have 1 to 4 different major/minors or you are involved in several organizations on campus… or in most cases both

4.     You have snuck into Purim and already have your costume planned out for next year



5.     Lower Usdan either a) freaks you out b) is Disneyland

6.     You reference Louie Brandeis on the daily

7.     You have gone to one athletic event

8.     You are Facebook friends with Andrew Flagel

9.     You have gone to at least one Shabbat dinner at the rabbi’s house  

10. Every time you are not with your Brandeis friends, you find a way to name-drop F-R-I-E-N-D-S just to prove how relevant and important Brandeis is.


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