10 Valentine's Gifts Under $10

So you wake up and you realize it’s February 14th. Your heart races a bit but then you remember you finally scored a date. Unfortunately, your heart starts up again because you’re broke and you need to get that lucky one a special gift. No fear because then you remember that Her Campus has all of your gift ideas for under $10!

1. Make the food.

Sometimes the only way to get to anyone’s heart is through the stomach. Make some yummy dishes for your lucky Valentine. Make a dinner that incorporates seafood and something green. These aphrodisiac myths have yet to be debunked, so cook them up for a boost in those special hormone levels. Try these super cute cupcakes from Lauren Conrad to top off the meal.


2. Romantic Movie Screening.

Pop some popcorn and pull out the blankets. Whether it’s your bedroom or the living room, it’s not hard to make it super comfy. Light a few candles (if you use scented ones, make sure your date isn’t allergic) and find some cute bowls to eat your popcorn out of. Pick a cute romantic movie, because when are you ever going to have the excuse to watch a chick flick?!

3. Cheap little knick knacks that mean a whole lot more.

Try out great sites like Zazzle or Pier1 for some cute and cheap gifts. You can personalize the keychain with a cute saying or maybe an inside joke the two of you have.

4. Romance novel from the grocery store.

They’re cheap and convenient. Pick up the steamiest one right after you knock off tomatoes from your grocery list. Read a little snippet after dinner and maybe you can get yourself and your other in the mood.

5. Play a game with a twist.

Games are the easiest and the most fun. Play a game you already have or make one up yourself. Make prizes for every time someone scores a point, like a chocolate kiss or maybe even a real one.

6. Make a Mug.

Buy/find a cheap porcelain mug like this one on Amazon. Take a sharpie and write something personal. Bake it in the oven for about 35-40 minutes at 350 and you just made a lover’s day masterpiece.


7. Bathtime.

Make some homemade bath salts like this one found on Flamingotoes. Then soak up with the one you love. Play around with the scents by using different tea flavors.

8. Baking with the Partner.

Making someone food is great, but cooking with them can be even better. Dessert recipes are usually much simpler and quicker than big meals. Dress it up a bit by presenting a cookie-in-a-jar recipe like this one from Lauren Conrad.

9. Watch the Sunrise or the Sunset.

Nothing could be cheaper or more perfect. Find a window with a perfect view or bundle up and find a spot outside.

10. Note Scavenger Hunt.

Write a few notes (10-15 should do you well). Then when your special someone is out of the house, place them in random spots. Maybe one next to their toothbrush or one next to their favorite snack. You can do this all at once the day before or place them so they find them throughout the week. Nothing makes anyone feel better than a note that says they’re perfect.