10 Truths Every Person With Long Hair Knows

Washing your hair is a serious production and it only happens a couple times a week.  You undoubtedly schedule specific hair washing days.    

Brushing your hair is the arm workout of the century.  Seriously, how is it possible to have so many knots?  

Shedding is a serious problem.  You could probably rival a cat in the shedding department.

Taking your hair down from a tight ponytail or topknot feels AMAZING.  

Wind is not your friend.  It will probably leave you looking like this: 

The amount of money you spend on products to tame your hair is upsetting.  

People are always asking if they can braid your hair.  

On a good hair day you feel like this: 

But on a bad hair day you just want to do this:

At the end of the day no matter how annoying your hair can be, you secretly know it’s fabulous.