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10 Tips for Dealing with Sad Days in College

When I first came to college, I was shocked by how happy I found myself. I rode on the Freshman orientation high for about three or four weeks before finally coming down and realizing that college life, like home life, is going to have sad days. Now, as a sophomore, I’ve had my fair share of sad/bad days when, no matter how hard I try, I’m unable to snap myself out of it. I’ve learned the things that help me and the things that don’t, so here’s a list of ten things that I’ve personally found to be helpful when dealing with a sad day in college:


  1. Remember that it’s just one day. Even though you feel like this feeling is going to last forever, chances are you’ll wake up tomorrow feeling a lot better.
  2. Surround yourself with good people if you think it’ll make you feel better. Sometimes, all you need is some quality time from your friends to turn your day around. Either try to distract yourself from your sadness or talk it out with a supportive friend, as that can help turn it into something that’s removed from you and therefore not as big.
  3. On the other hand, don’t hang out with people if you feel like what you really need is to just be alone with your feelings. It’s okay to let yourself be alone to figure yourself out.
  4. Put some earbuds in and go for a walk. This is something that I rarely want to do when I’m having a sad time, but it always works to turn my mood around. Something about the combination of fresh air and exercise instantly makes me feel better.
  5. Get off campus – either alone or with others. Sometimes a change of scenery can work to snap me out of whatever thought spiral I find myself in, and Boston is just a bus ride away.
  6. Be productive. I’ll oftentimes get into a funk when I feel like I’ve been wasting my time or not being productive, so turning that around and making a cup of tea and getting down to business can help not only tackle feelings of sadness but also your to-do list.
  7. Journal. I’ve found that getting my thoughts on paper is a really good way to fully visualize what I’m feeling.
  8. Remember to take care of yourself. Get your blood sugar up and eat a big meal or take a shower. Maybe even put on a cute outfit if you’re feeling it. Sometimes our mood is really telling us that something’s off with our body, so make sure that you’re treating yourself right.
  9. Turn off your phone. When I’m having sad days I oftentimes find myself scrolling through Instagram and Facebook which subsequently makes me feel way worse so putting your phone on airplane mode stops that negative habit.
  10. If all else fails, order some takeout and watch Netflix. Sometimes, you just need the comfort of a feel-good movie or TV show to get through.


Linnea Pejcha

Brandeis '22

Linnea is a freshman at Brandeis University majoring in *maybe* sociology and creative writing. In her free time she can be found binge reading fantasy novels and sitting in coffee shops drinking (probably too much) coffee.
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