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10 Things to Do in Honor of Kindness Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brandeis chapter.

Disclaimer: You should be using most of the listed acts of kindness (and more!) every single day. Be kind to yourself and others.

1.     Participate in one or ALL the activities happening around campus on Kindness Day

2.     Write a kindness card for at least one person on campus who has impacted your life. Tell them they’re wonderful and let them know they are appreciated J

3.     SMILE. Sometimes we forget to smile, but turn that frown upside down. We have reason to: midterms are almost over, thanksgiving is in two weeks, and the reminder that sometimes a smile is all it takes to make someone’s day just a little bit better.

4.     Call your loved one. Instead of writing a card, just show instant gratitude by giving your family member, friend, or significant other a phone call to see how their day is going.

5.     Reconnect with an old hobby that makes you happy. For some its music: go play some piano or instrument. For others it may be art: paint or create some crafts. Maybe even play a sport you don’t often get to play.

6.     Buy yourself something nice. I think of it as buying yourself happiness when you receive that package a week later. You are setting yourself up for a nice surprise gift J

7.     Exercise! This seems like work and it kind of is, but exercise releases the stress build up from your week. Start the rest of the week and weekend off the right way!

8.     Eat with friends. The breakfast, lunch, dinner conversations are some of the best and funniest conversations you will cherish and remember from your years at Brandeis. Everyone bonds over food and good laughs.

9.     Lastly, just BE KIND. Not only today, but everyday. Be optimistic. You are at a great college and these four years will be the greatest if you make the best of it J Remind others around you they are just as lucky as you to get a chance to have a great education surrounded by supportive and loving Brandeisians!

10. #BeKind #BrandeisKindnessDay2014

Don’t forget to take pictures of all the kind things you encounter this week!

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