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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bradley U chapter.

As I continue to search for a job for post-graduation, I keep learning how difficult it is to get one. Let’s first look into why it takes so long for jobs to respond to you? I never understood why jobs always say “now hiring,” and take months to look at your application. Why do jobs need help as badly as they advertise, but don’t hire you right away? 

Then, when I filter my job search to entry-level, the job requires you to have more than three years of experience. How is this entry-level? I don’t know how jobs expect a younger generation to have a lot of experience if most jobs don’t give them the chance to gain the experience. And it keeps adding to the reasons why a lot of first-year grads find their first job months after graduation. 

Now, when you finally get your first interview, you feel excited but nervous. However, you can’t have your expectations high because it’s always most likely you might not get the job during your first interview. The rejection of your first interview might sting a little, but eventually, you become used to it.

What I mean by this is that after your first job rejection, the other few rejections don’t always hurt your feelings. This is because you start to pick up on rejection language. For example, if an employer says, “We’ll get back to you,” or “We’ll keep your resume on file,” this is just the keyword of saying “We like you, but don’t like you enough for the position,” instead of just saying you didn’t get the job. I would appreciate it more if employers would stop beating around the bush. 

Job searching can be stressful, but it can also be overwhelming when you keep getting rejected by jobs. However, don’t beat yourself up about it! Something I learned is that it’s okay to continue to work internships or other jobs to grow your experience. Then, you’ll have the experience to work the jobs you want.

Kianna Goss

Bradley U '22

Hi my name is Kianna, I am a journalism major with a double minor in sociology and advertising with public relations. I enjoy creative writing, traveling, and trying out new recipes.