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In honor of the recently celebrated holiday, I feel like it’s only right to write a true crime docuseries and documentaries recommendation list. Also, there’s no better way to spend a cold fall day than curled up on the couch watching Netflix or reading a book. Netflix has a very good true crime selection which they regularly add too; these are some of my favorites from the selection.

crime scene: The Vanishing at the cecil hotel

This limited series documents the mystery of the infamous hotel and one of its most recent horrific happenings. The Cecil Hotel has long been connected to a vicious cycle of criminal activity and violence within its halls, but no one expected the viral mystery of a disappearance. Elisa Lam came to Los Angeles looking for an adventure and simply disappeared while staying at the Cecil Hotel, this docuseries tells the story of her disappearance and the happenings that surrounded it.

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy rich

Jeffrey Epstein was a highly powerful and rich man in the financial management field, but behind that he committed many unspeakable crimes against many young women. He sexually molested minors, manipulated them and weaponized them against one another. This series follows the journey and experience of the victims involved who wished to speak about it.

Ted bundy tapes

A limited series that tells the true story of the case of Ted Bundy, one of America’s most infamous serial killers, through his eyes. This docuseries is very unique because it is based purely on the offender’s point of view and evidence involved. It is very interesting to see how things change with perspective in a case like this, and why it’s important to investigate crimes such as these.

dirty money

Financial scandal is such an interesting sect of the true crime that does not receive enough attention in my opinion. This series follows some very interesting cases and also explains them quite well. I think it is important to be educated, even at a low level, on this topic because it can help you understand the world of finance and keep you from getting involved with things that aren’t legal. This type of crime is also just very interesting because while it isn’t violent, it’s definitely still criminal activity.

The staircase

The case discussed in this series is quite an interesting one. The supposedly accidental death of a woman is called into question as more and more evidence and answers are uncovered. This series is a bit longer than others, but its length is absolutely necessary in order to understand all of this case’s details and obstacles for both the defense and prosecution.

athlete a (documentary)

The former U.S. Olympic gymnastics team athletic trainer, Larry Nassar, is responsible for the sexual assault of so many athletes under his treatment. This documentary tells their story, with their help, and exposes the terrible happenings and abusive tendencies involved in the coaching and training of these athletes. It really is very enlightening on how some Olympic athletes are treated and the improvements that need to be made in that field.

These docuseries and documentaries are all very important in their own respects. I particularly enjoy learning about true, but it’s admittedly not for everyone. Thanks for reading! :)

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