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5 Things To Do on Your Next Girls Night

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bradley U chapter.

Girls Night is always a fun time, but typically it follows the same routine. Bring out the wine, pick a bad, funny movie or a rom com and you’re set. Maybe you’ll even bake cookies together while it’s on. Although I still love participating every time we have a girls night, I realized there were some things we could do to switch it up. Here are a few ideas I came up with, that hopefully any girl group can do.

1. Presentation Night

Get together with your group and each create a presentation. One idea for a theme is friendship-based presentations, like “my friends as (blank).” Some examples include my friends as childhood toys, cars, Bachelor contestants, Pixar characters, etc. It’s fun to see how everyone views each other, and exciting to see what your friends think your personality is too!

2. Swap wardrobes and go out

Draw names and dress as whatever friend you get. Go all out: the makeup, hair, jewelry, shoes, clothes, etc. You are your friend. Go out to dinner, shopping or to the bars while dressed up as each other. Bonus points if you act like each other too.

3. Make wine night more interesting with wine bingo

  1. Select multiple kinds of wine.
  2. Make a bingo card of all the flavors.
  3. Take out wine glasses and put each kind in a glass.
  4. Mix them up and do a blind taste test!
  5. Guess the wine that you have and mark it on your bingo card.
  6. When there is a bingo, check and see if you got the flavors right.

4. Board game night

Most thrift stores have a section for old board games. They might be missing a few pieces, but with how expensive new board games are, this is a great option for a college student looking to switch things up. Buy a bunch of different ones and spend the night going through all of the games. You could even make your own! Try swapping out Guess Who characters for people you actually know, or switch Clue characters and objects out to fit your friend group.

5. Host a potluck dinner party

First, pick a theme for your dinner party. College students go crazy over a good excuse to dress differently. The theme can also extend to the food, or just have everyone cook their favorite dish. Whatever the case, have each person bring a different dish and, in the chosen theme, eat dinner together. Some themes could be French picnic, murder mystery, beach party, or 50’s inspired/retro, but there are so many more!

Morgan Casey

Bradley U '23

Morgan is studying marketing at Bradley University with minors in professional writing and business analytics. After college she plans on pursuing a career that involves brand marketing.