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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bradley U chapter.

Three hundred sixty five days, sounds so long.

Twelve months in a year, enough time for people to get along.

Fifty two weeks that we have, but wasted.

And eighty thousand seven hundred sixty hours that lasted.

Sometimes I ask myself, why does time matter to everyone?

Why do I feel like the time may not be cherished by anyone?

The time is indeed important, but some people do not use it well,

Because the prediction of the time is hard to tell.

A whole year has now ended, what do you want to accomplish?

What are your new goals? Is there anything that you want to abolish?

No matter how big or small you wishes are, just know that you have to work hard for it,

Because anything that you ask for will be your fit.

A new year is starting, I hope you start your day with a great smile,

A new year, a new beginning, a new style,

A new you, or maybe you won’t change, maybe you’ll stay the same.

Maybe you will be the same old person from last year who just wants to aim.

A fresh start they say. A new beginning.

Saying goodbye to the past, finishing the ending.

But don’t forget who you really are, don’t forget that as time goes on, you will improve.

You will improve for the better, and the darkness path will be removed.

Rose Marie Godoy

Bradley U '25

Computer Science || Bradley University '25 || Poem Writer || ΣΔΤ || Tiktok: flowery_1234 || IG: flowery.111