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Winter temperatures are finally kicking in after months of unusual warm sunshine, and so are all the inconveniences that come with. Chilly walks to class, slipping on ice, and the overwhelming urge to put on a big, comfy sweatshirt and lay under a a pile of blankets all day.

As someone who takes a lot of pride in my style, trying to be stylish and warm is an issue I face every single day in the winter months. While I don’t have it all figured out, I’ve grown to love a few closet-essentials that make being well dressed and comfortably cozy a little easier.

1. a cute trench coat

A good, warm trench coat in a neutral color is a life-saver when it comes to winter fashion. There’s a lot of bad options out there, so making sure it’s made of mostly wool and not cotton or polyester is super important. Additionally, feeling it to make sure it’s heavy and thick will ensure it’s actually capable of keeping you warm. These can be a little pricey, but checking out thrift stores and websites can lead you to cheaper options.

2. A warm puffer coat

While not as essential as the trench coat, I think it’s super important to have two nice, warm coats so you have options when it comes to styling. Puffer coats have a much more casual look to them, but can be just as cute if styled with the right outfit! When picking one out, make sure it’s good and heavy to make sure you’re buying it for warmth, and not just for its style.

3. waterproof boots

This is one thing that has been so hard for me to overcome, because snow boots have never fit into my style. But, realistically, if your feet are wet and cold, you’re going to be extremely uncomfortable. This one is totally up to you stylistically. Do Hunter rain boots fit with your look? Or the classic lace-up snow boots? For me, my Jadon Doc Martens work perfectly. They’re waterproof, they’re durable, and they fully cover your foot and ankle area, so stepping through a little bit of snow won’t end up soaking your whole lower body.

4. Layering!!!

I could go on and on about the different things you can do with effective layering, but crafting a cute outfit with four different tops is one of my favorite things about winter style. Not only do you look stylish, but you’re staying so much warmer than you would be with just one t-shirt. Finding some good turtleneck undershirts as well as a collared button up or two will completely transform your closet into a versatile, cozy wardrobe.

5. Accessorize

Your mom was right. You need to be wearing a hat and gloves to face these temperatures. This is another stylistic choice that, once you learn what you like, will make going outside much more comfortable. For me, my Carhartt hat and some simple leather gloves are enough to keep my appendages warm while enhancing my look. For you, it could be some fluffy earmuffs or a pair of cozy mittens.

Above all else, it’s important to remember that you’re not going to be in a good mood if you’re cold. When you live in a climate like this, it’s essential to invest in these types of things, so you may as well make sure you like the way they look too!

Ellie Hawkins

Bradley U '22

Hi! I'm a senior journalism major with political science and public relations/advertising minors at Bradley in my final semester. I'm a mother of a beautiful one-eyed Siamese kitty named Gus, and love singing, thrifting, and watching Sex and the City.
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