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So You Want to Be a DoorDasher…

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bradley U chapter.

DoorDash can be a great way to earn extra money, especially while in college! You get to make your own schedule and get paid instantly. I have been DoorDashing on and off for 3 years so I will share a few tips for any beginner dashers.

Not every order is worth your time

You could be out all night long if you do not choose your orders wisely. There are a few restaurants I refuse to complete orders from because the restaurant’s drive-thru lines take up to an hour, orders are not ready when I arrive or the restaurant claims to be having issues with their DoorDash app. No worries! Take note of these restaurants and simply decline if you have recurring bad experiences with them.

Base your delivery acceptance on $1 per mile

Early on, it might be tempting to accept any order that comes across your app. Don’t do it! If an order pays you three dollars for eight miles, you are wasting gas. Instead, use the one-to-one method for selecting orders.

Don’t worry about acceptance rates

DoorDash has an acceptance rate for each dasher. For each order you are offered and complete, your acceptance rate goes up. While that might seem enticing for a newbie, it doesn’t play a big role in dashing. DoorDash does offer incentives for dashers who have a higher rate but there is no penalty for declining an order. 

Keep track of your miles for tax purposes

As a 1099 contractor, DoorDashers are responsible for keeping track of their own tax deductions. I recommend using the app Everlance. Make sure to turn off automatic tracking because you only get so many free tracks per month. The Everlance app tracks the miles driven based on the car you drive. 

Take advantage of peak pay

One of the incentives DoorDash offers is peak pay. If the area is really busy and needs a lot of dashers, DoorDash will increase base pay by $1-3 to get more dashers to work. This is a great way to earn a few extra dollars without driving farther. I recommend turning on your notifications for the DoorDash app because that is how you can see the incentives right away.

Be safe! bring a buddy or safety tool

DoorDash can take you all around the area so make sure to keep your eye open for any potential dangers. As a college female, I always carry around pepper spray for general safety. Also, make sure to give someone your location because you will be completing multiple orders in a matter of a few hours. 

bring food with you

Dashing can make you crave McDonald’s fries, Dairy Queen Blizzards, and much more. Since you are dashing during meal times, be sure to bring snacks with you so you are not tempted to make a pit stop.

Best of luck to you new dashers! Obviously, these things have worked for me, but feel free to adjust them to fit your dashing needs. Make that money girl!

Alexis Morman

Bradley U '22

Hello I'm Alexis! I am currently a junior studying public relations and advertising at Bradley University.