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Rating Chicago restaurants as characters from “The Vampire Diaries”

As Winter break came to an end, I was a little sad about it going by so quickly. However, I enjoyed my break because I had some delicious food. As much as I love food, I love the Vampire Diaries series more. Whether you are a food junkie or love the debate of the Salvatore brothers, this article is for you!

The Dime Chicago – Damon Salvatore 

I visited ‘The Dime,’ for my birthday brunch and the vibes were amazing. The DJ was great, I enjoyed the mimosas, there was great customer service and the food was decent – but not everything was as tasty. I rated this place as Damon Salvatore, because it’s a place of fun, and after too many mimosas, possibly bad decisions. Damon’s character is all about living on the edge and having a good time without any rules. 

Storyville – Klaus Mikaelson 

Storyville is a New Orleans-themed restaurant, and it gives you that feeling from the decor, to the music, to the food selection. I had the Banana Foster cinnamon roll, eggs and hash browns, which were all very tasty! The atmosphere represents the character Klaus Mikaelson, because he represents New Orleans. Klaus is portrayed as a villain in the Vampire Diaries series, however, he will do anything to protect his family. You learn more about his character in the Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals. Just like Klaus loves his city, I loved this restaurant, so I highly recommend it. 

The Punch Bowl Social – Caroline Forbes 

The Punch Bowl Social is the perfect place for a cute Instagram photo opportunity and a fun game night with friends. You can sit down to eat and drink, but throughout the place, there are different games such as bowling, karaoke, pool and more. The customer service was great! Our waitress was super sweet and gave us free drinks. I rated this place as Caroline Forbes, because throughout the season she was trying to find herself. I think this place has the potential to be better, and the food needs improvement. 

Mima’s Taste of Cuba – Elena Gilbert  

I visited this place over the summer and went back again over Winter Break. However, this is the second time I’ve ordered the steak sandwich, and it was not as good as the first time. I rate this place as Elena Gilbert, because I considered this place as a safe option for good food, but it wasn’t as impressive as I’d hoped. Also, Elena’s character goes through different phases, and I felt this place did the same. 

McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & Steaks – Bonnie Bennett

I loved this place! The food was great. I ordered the buttermilk fried shrimp and fries, which were a great choice. The customer service was great. Our server was friendly and kept making sure we were satisfied with everything. I also ordered the Dolce Sangria which was as strong as Bonnie’s character. This place gives guarantees you will get your money’s worth, so it’s very dependable just like Bonnie. 

I hope you all check out these places next time you are in the windy city! If you are a Vampire Diaries fan as much as I am, would you agree with these ratings?

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