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Pacifica Beauty Brand’s Skin Care Review

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bradley U chapter.

I have always wanted to be the girl who has a strict skin care routine and flawless skin, but I’ve just never had the dedication it takes. I’ve tried countless products and each one was never the right fit. Well, that was until last year around Christmas when I bought some skin care products from Pacifica. They are hands down the best company for me; I am able to miss a few days and still get results. It even works with my complex and combination skin. Pacifica Beauty is a 100% vegan, cruelty free and each bottle is made up of different amounts of Post Consumer Recycled plastic. Other companies will often cut corners and do anything for a dollar. The following products are not only great on my skin, they’re also affordable and I’m happy to recommend them.

Lavender Moon body and pillow mist

This mist smells incredible. I personally use it on my pillows and blankets when I’m going to bed. Though I’ve never tried it as a body mist I wouldn’t be opposed. This is made from a plant based aromatherapy relaxing blend with the scent of lavender and a hint of rose. A four ounce bottle sells for $10. A small sprits will go a long way and do the job just as well.

Crystal Youth gem infused face lotion

This lotion does a fantastic job at moisturizing. I’m no stranger to dry skin during the winter and this lotion keeps my face feeling smooth and hydrated 24/7. Now there are two sizes of bottle for sale: there’s a one ounce and 1.7 ounce bottle. I can’t figure out if I’m just not understanding something or if the prices are indeed accurate. The website state the one ounce sells for $3.50 on sale and $5 regular price. The 1.7 ounce is $9.80 on sale and $14 regular. So I would recommend buying two of the one ounce bottles and getting more product for less cost. The lotion contains scents and benefits from watermelon, roast quartz and lemon grass.

lavender moon bedtime lip treatment

This .63 ounce bottle of lip care sells for $9.10 on sale and $13 regular price. That might seem pretty expensive for the size, but when you think about it that will last you quite a long time. Similar to the pillow mist, the scent is lavender with a hint of rose. Though described as bedtime treatment, it can be used all throughout the day. On a personal level, I have found that this product keeps my lips constantly moisturized. This is unlike other company’s lip care that dries and doesn’t really do a the job. My lips get chapped so easily, but not with this product.

crystal foam sparkling clean face wash

This face wash is to die for! I’m unsure of the reason, but the Pacifica Brand website doesn’t sell this product anymore. However, Ulta does sell a five ounce bottle for $10. No matter how often I use the product I always get a deep clean and fresh feeling. The scent is similar to the face lotion with watermelon, rose quartz and lemon grass. Even on my most intense and sweaty days, this product gets rid of every little piece of dirt. It’s like the dirt was never there.

Rose quartz roller

I can’t say much about this product except it does a great job relieving stress. While on sale it costs $13.30 and $19 regularly. While this may sound more pricey than the other products, the quality will make it last a long time. As well as the fact that rather than using fake rose quartz crystals – they’re real.

Josie Smith

Bradley U '25

I'm a junior, journalism major at Bradley University! I love serving as this chapter's editor-in-chief.