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I Love Nyc Pizza
I Love Nyc Pizza
Anna Thetard / Her Campus
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Last weekend, I spent two days in NYC. It was my first time going to the city, and I loved it. Now, it’s easy to hear that someone flew to New York, stayed there for less than 48 hours, then flew home, and wonder why? The answer is really simple. My friend and I always wanted to see the play Sleep No More. This play is a loose interpretation of MacBeth, set in a hotel in the 1920s. And (this is the really cool part) it is 100% immersive. Each floor of the hotel has something new going on and audience members are encouraged to go anywhere and explore everything. But, the show is closing. Its final extension goes until May, but then that’s it. We knew if we didn’t go see it, we would never have the chance to again. So, off we went. 

Luckily for us, I had a close friend, who goes to college in NYC, offer to let us crash on her dorm floor. If you can travel to where your friends live, I highly recommend staying with them. It’s much cheaper and much more fun. We got in late on Friday, and hung out around Columbia and Barnard’s campuses to get a feel for the place. I already miss the public transportation in NYC — we didn’t need a car to go anywhere. 

Saturday was the day of our show, but we decided to do some touristy activities first. It was our first time in the city after all! We started the day waiting in line for some really good bagels, before hopping on the subway and going to Times Square. It was incredibly fun to walk around this iconic place. It’s a weird feeling to see something in movies so many times and then finally see it in real life.

After awhile, it was time to head over to Sleep No More. I cannot express how much I loved this show. I might write another review just about my experience there. I won’t spoil it too much. You walk into this old speakeasy jazz club, where you are given a mask to wear the entire time. You’re told the rules: no talking, no touching the actors, and be bold. And then you go into the elevator, and the show starts. It’s hard to describe Sleep No More. It’s like a mix of a contemporary dance showcase (there is almost no dialogue), an escape room, a jazz club and a film noir. But none of these labels really feel right, either. It’s truly like nothing I have ever experienced before. I can’t stop thinking about it. I feel, for lack of better words, haunted. 

After our play was over, there was a little bit of daylight left, so we headed off to Central Park. We walked through the iconic park and towards The Met. The Met is an absolutely gorgeous art museum, and I was in awe at the work they had on display. We finished the day with pizza and headed home early the next day. 

In short, I loved my trip. And if you have time between now and May 27th, I beg you to go see Sleep No More for yourself. After all, fortune favors the bold.

Charlotte Tolly

Bradley U '25

Charlotte is a third year UX design major with a passion for art and writing. In her free time, you can find her baking, reading, or spending time with her friends.