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My Review Of “Loki” Season Two

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bradley U chapter.

“Loki” season two was full of ups and downs but at the end of the day the God of Mischief has a glorious purpose. In order to understand season two you must watch season one. Some moments could have been improved, by adding things like more action scenes. Spoiler warning, in order to explain my review I summarized each episode.

Episode one

It starts out with the cliff-hanger from season one where Sylvie, a Loki variant, kills He Who Remains which leaves the timeline in danger. In this episode we watch Loki time jump from the past, present and the future of the TVA. This was one of the more important episodes, it sets the tone for the rest of the season.

I personally liked this episode, it was the right amount of action for the plot, it was the perfect start to the season.

Episode two

This episode starts by being focused on finding Sylvie who has started a life on the timeline. They start their search by looking for X-5 who has left the TVA to be famous on the timeline. When they find X-5 he runs away and in this scene we got to see Loki really use his powers for the first time this season. In order to find Sylvie, Loki pretends to be evil to torture X-5 to give up Sylvie’s location.

This was probably my favorite scene this episode because we got to see Loki be in control. I would say this episode was overall worth the watch, I was hooked the whole time. It was left on the cliff hanger of needing He Who Remains to fix the timeline, which was the perfect set-up for episode three.

Episode three

This was the most impactful episode for the plot, Loki and Mobius travel back in time to find He Who Remains while Sylvie is trying to kill him. Miss Minutes and Ravonna are trying to become his partner at the end of time. They all travel back in time to the World Fair in Chicago, where they fight to get his attention and to have him on their side. In the end Loki and Mobius end up getting him back to the TVA to help fix the timeline.

Once again this was a well-written episode and I was exited to see it play out. The main issue I had was that Sylvie shows her powers off, but it seemed like they were making Loki seem like an average man instead of a god.

The highlights of this episode are we got to see more of Sylvie and watch her have a change of heart. Miss Minutes reveals her true self and Ravonna got her karma for the problems she caused in season one.

Episode four

In this episode He Who Remains tries to save the timeline which ends in his death and ultimate destruction of the timeline.

This episode was my favorite because we got to see how no matter what they try in order to save the timeline it will end in losing. This episode I did find myself saying multiple time that Loki is a god; therefore, he should be using his powers, but the writers had something else in mind. It stressed me out a lot because they again made Sylvie strong and powerful but they make Loki look weak compared to her.

Episode five

Loki struggles with his friends in this episode, they all get sent to different places on the timeline which leaves them forgetting about the TVA. Loki’s goal in this episode is to bring them all back together. He wants this in order to get back to the TVA and fix the timeline, but he can’t control his time jumping is causing issues with his plans.

This episode had the best ending out of all of them, we actually get to see how strong Loki’s powers are, which leads to the last episode.

episode six

In this episode Loki travels back in time to fix the loom to restore the timeline to become one sacred timeline. He tries multiple times and finally he ends up fixing the loom, just for it to break again for not being able to hold the infinite numbers of timelines being made.

The ending was bitter sweet, Loki shows how strong his powers are but he ends up alone. He becomes the one on the throne controlling the timeline, which is a full circle moment on the first episode of season one where he says the only thing he wants is the throne. In this ending he shows how he was born with the burdened of a glorious purpose.

As much as I want a season three and have Loki not end up alone watching the timeline, I feel like this ending was necessary. It made me sad to watch this series end. Overall, this would have to be the best marvel show so far.

Ann McManus

Bradley U '25

Hey!! My name is Ann and I'm a junior journalism major with a minors in creative writing and political science. As you can tell I love to write, but when I'm not, my favorite activities to is reading, crocheting, or catching up on my favorite shows/movies.<3