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Are you tired of this long semester? Are you looking for a getaway but you’re not made of money? No worries! Here are ways that you can travel on a budget. 


  • If you want to travel anywhere, travel in a group! Many flights, trains, buses, etc. have group deals that can save you money. 
  • Try to drive if you want to travel the country. Most flights cost more than one would spend on gas, and if you have a group, you can all switch off being behind the wheel to save money on hotels on the way. 

  • If you do want to book a flight, make sure you are flexible with the times and places. Airlines always fluctuate their prices for different dates, so check frequently for price drops. Keep a few places in mind if there are no deals for your destination.

  • Be flexible with the type of airline you use. Jetblue or Spirit may not be reliable for being on schedule, but I assume most college students care more about saving money than being exactly on time. If you are flying to another country, they may have their own cheap airlines that can be within your budget. 

  • Use different airline websites because they can have different prices from one another. Use these sites to search for deals and discounts as well. 

Places to Sleep

  • When in doubt, book an Airbnb with your friends. The more people staying in the Airbnb, the cheaper it will be for each person (read the reviews so you do not find yourself in a bad area!). They provide a kitchen, bathrooms and some may have space for an air mattress to fit extra people.

  • You do not need to book the best hotel. If you are just sleeping there, try to find cheaper hotels to stay at for a couple of nights. You may even want to consider staying at a motel, they’re not all bad! 

  • If you love nature, there are many camping sites that you may want to consider. They have minimal fees per night and if you end up driving, you can keep a tent in your car (only consider if going with a group). 


  • Stop at a convenience store or grocery store to grab snacks that you can eat for a couple of meals. This can include cereal, oatmeal, mac and cheese, sandwich ingredients or ramen so you do not have to go out every meal.

  • Try to book a hotel that provides breakfast in the morning and take an extra bagel on the way out for later. If your hotel does not provide breakfast, then stock up on breakfast bars for a grab-and-go meal. 

  • Pack a reusable water bottle. Buying something as simple as water can become expensive, so refilling your water bottle can save you tons! 

  • Save your leftovers and put them in your hotel refrigerator or a cooler! Leftovers can provide you with at least a meal or a snack if needed. 


  • Do your research! There are so many places in the world, especially in the United States, that you can travel to with a small budget. One place I love is Boston, Massachusetts because it is a beautiful, easy and a VERY affordable place to visit with your friends and family. 

  • Have long-distance family members? Pay them a visit! You can stay at their place and still enjoy a new area at the same time. 

  • Pick a place that has many outdoor activities (for example, hiking and historical landmarks), instead of activities you would have to pay for. 

  • Wherever you choose to travel to, DO NOT overpack. Keep your items necessary and travel size so you do not have to pay for any check-in luggage. Look at the forecast right before departure to only take the type of clothing you need. It’s OKAY to re-wear clothing. Maybe try to find a laundromat to wash them and use them again!

  • Choose a place that has a cheaper transportation system if you did not bring a car. Many buses or train systems are very affordable for travelers.

Rebecca Rose

Bradley U '23

Hello! My name is Rebecca Rose and I am a sophomore nutrition and dietetics major at Bradley University. I have a passion of sharing with others about how to improve their health and wellness and cannot wait to share more through my writing to other students. Follow me on instagram @becky32301 to get to know me more!
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